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Our Products

We believe our success as a premier manufacturer of pashmina products, is our flexibility in working with custom sizes, design, & styles ranging from hand-woven or knitted products to hand printed designs and embroidery.


Among a variety of products we manufacture, some of the popular items are Shawl, Stole, Scarf, Blanket, Sweater, Glove, Sock, and Cashmere Fabric. Any of these products could be made from 100% Pashmina or Pashmina/Silk , or any other combination. In addition, the above mentioned products could be various different styes like hand print, shaded, embroidered, beaded, jacquard. We take pride in being able to come up with our own styles which we've manufactured over the years but if our clients wants to reproduce styles that they may have seen somewhere else, we are happy to entertain that as well. 

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